We have made it our mission to provide the students of our communities with powerful, effective teaching that will further their musical skills and arts. Our True Brass Masterclass Seminars offer different combinations of classes that provide young musicians the opportunity to receive instrumental (woodwind/brass/percussion) instruction from some of the Nation's leading musicians and music educators. Our instructors will work closely with each student to define proper technique and articulation and will provide students with a series of exercises they can use to help enhance their skills on a daily basis. Students will dive into basic music theory and score study to get a better understanding of each others roles in an ensemble. Interested students will also be given the chance to conduct our professional brass ensemble, True Brass Choir! 

The search for a high-quality summer music program stops here! Our unique curriculum and one-on-one teaching approach focuses on the needs of each individual student to provide instruction that can't be found anywhere else. 




Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can register?

    • Any student from grades 6-12 can register and participate.

  • Is food included?
    • Food will be provided and is included in the registration fees.
  • Do I have to bring my own instrument?
    • Each student is required to bring their own instruments. Percussionists will need to bring their own sticks and practice pads as the percussion instruments will be provided by the host school. If you cannot bring your instrument and need to borrow one, please email
  • Can I leave early?
    • Students are able to leave the campus at the conclusion of the seminar at 3:30PM. Those that need to leave early must be picked-up and escorted off the campus by their legal guardian(s) with the assistance of a True Brass Staff Member.
  • Can I register at the door?
    • Yes, registration will be available at the check-in table. Same fees apply.
  • Does my band director need to register me?
    • No, but we highly suggest that students let their legal guardian or parent assist them with registering and filling out the registration form.
  • If I register at the door do I need to have an adult with me?
    • Students under the age of 18 are required to have a legal guardian or parent be with them to sign a release form.
    • ONLINE REGISTRATIONS: A release form will be emailed to you. This must be printed, signed, and given to the check-in table upon arrival at the seminar.